Sunday, 11 March 2012

the little things

This is a complicated picture to explain...allow me. Ahem. When time stops and we look back through the veil of life and death, what are we going to see about our lives. No, we aren't going to think "Look how much money I've made!" We're going to think back on all the important things that we've always kept on the back seat like hope, family, love, laughs. So live for the little things people. Life will mean so much more that way.

Lonely Queen

We like collecting money. It makes us feel better. So here's me in the future, rising above the chessboard of society with a whole bunch of money. It's a bit of a lonely existence don't you think? I mean, what does money, fame and glory all mean when you are alone to appreciate it. There was a film about a guy called Alexander Supertramp who spent his whole life getting away from people. His last journal entry was "Happiness only real when shared". It's a concept that not many people seem to understand. So you few number of blogreaders. Feel enlightened. Don't be a lonely Queen with a bunch of money. Make a few friends along the way too :)

At the end

Doesn't anyone else find it weird that all the time we think about what will happen to justify what we are doing now? In some ways, focusing on a goal can be a good thing but when that goal becomes all you can see it blocks out everything else that is happening in your life. Then you miss it. And we look back in sorrow that instead of looking around in wonder and moving forward, we rush towards the end so fast we don't see where we are going. So this picture consisting of a loo roll and a scribble on white paper symbolises a lot about how people live their lives. How ironic.